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    A message from Dr. Reimer: Please note that The Reimer Clinic is now closed. We no longer occupy the space on Old Innes Road. The phone and fax and email are discontinued. Please do not use the contact information on this site to reach us. We're not on the receiving side. We do not plan to reopen. It has been an honour and a privilege for our entire team to serve thousands of people over the years at our facilities, first on Frederick Street in Kitchener and then on Old Innes Road in Ottawa. Lives have been saved, cancers have been prevented and many thousands have been reassured.

    Unfortunately, OHIP funding for colonoscopy has been repeatedly reduced over the last two decades. Costs rise each year. The pressure to be faster and cheaper grows each year. It is time to move on.

    As I enter the next phase of my career, I see a great need to help our seniors. They deserve more than the current health system can offer. Long before COVID came, we launched Freiheit Care Inc. to provide premium quality home care and to help provide respectable wages to hard-working, career-oriented caregivers. The need for unrushed, professional and consistent home care is greater than ever. I believe I can be part of the solution to this massive challenge.

    If you require colonoscopy services, there are several options in town. You could contact Provis Endoscopy, or the Ottawa Gastrointestinal Institute. Most public hospitals offer this care, although generally with longer waiting lists. Beyond that, patients willing to self-pay may be able to find quick access to care in clinics in Gatineau or Montreal, such as through UnionMD or EndoVision. Note that at time of update (May, 2021), Ontario clinics are closed by government order because of COVID for non-urgent and non-emergent procedures. Facilities in Quebec continue to provide this care presently.


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So That No One Dies of Colon Cancer

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We exist "So That No One Dies of Colon Cancer".

We offer Colonoscopy to all Canadians, including Quebec and the Maritimes. Colonoscopy is the gold-standard test to detect and to prevent colon cancer. It is often used to diagnose abdominal symptoms. Gastroscopy is available to patients who have the option to self-fund and it is used to diagnose symptoms in the upper gastrointestinal tract.


 Colonoscopy is the gold-standard test to prevent and to diagnose colon cancer.  It is often used to investigate abdominal symptoms and other conditions. A camera is passed through the colon.


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 Gastroscopy (often incorrectly called endoscopy) is used to diagnose symptoms in the upper gastrointestinal tract. A camara is passed through the mouth to just beyond the stomach.


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When we asked this question, most people respond that they go where their family doctor or nurse practitioner sent them. There is an intrinsic trust that the referring physician knows the community...

Ontario now offers the Fecal Immunohistochemistry Test, or FIT for short, as an option for colorectal cancer screening in average risk individuals. People who are at higher risk ne...

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